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P.P.Ch. i P.R.S. "Anita"

P. P. Ch. i P.R.S. ANITA Grzegorz Mordalski in Działoszyn, Poland was established in 1993, starting it’s business activity with industrial ice cream production.
Extension of the plant in 1998 allowed ANITA to develop the scope of its activities by adding frozen convenience food such as potato dumplings with filling and dumplings called pierogies.
At present ANITA is one of the leading enterprises in the ice cream and frozen food industry. It has its own distribution network on the whole territory of Poland and provides its own logistic service to wholesale companies and chain stores.
ANITA manufactures its own product brands: “Anita”, “Cafe Morani” for premium and dairy ice cream as well as product brands for such chain stores as: Jeronimo Martins Polska ( Biedronka), Carrefour, Netto, Kaufland, Tesco, Aldi, Intermarche, Rivona ( Norfa) and other brands.
Very fast development of the Company is organizationally aided by the system complying with the ISO 22000 requirements and the International Food System, version 6, developed by and for European chain stores.
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